Cats & Vacations & Such

img_2022I’ve been away!! One is not supposed to neglect one’s blog, so my apologies.

Wisconsin was lovely, family and friends were the same – lovely.

GingerBaker survived another week-plus without morning petting and play, but with caring neighbors he is getting better at the “Missing Mom” events.  GB continues to impress with his chill demeanor. With treats in the offering, he even allows the occasional nail clipping. But these must be VERY GOOD TREATS.

Games with GB evolve, as it is with most cats who become slightly bored with the ‘same same’ every day. ‘Throw the fuzzy mouse’ used to be a guaranteed mad runabout, but our clever boy started getting so far ahead of the actual toss, he was running into the mouse as it arced downward – head bump!  That has unnerved him adequately that we must abandon ‘throw-mouse’ for lesser fun. Unfortunately the other of his favorites is/was laser chase. As mentioned previously, discovering that lasers can burn surfaces [!] has cut down on that delight, too. I’ve yet to replace the spotted carpeting.

So now it’s back to dreamy hot days in Florida sleeping on cushions [for GB] and for me trying to make repairs/updates on the home. Such is summer!

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