On the Verge of Crazy, the Kids are Alright

The title could describe so much about us, so much about America today. It certainly suits my mood for the past 17 months, and the ubiquitous questions about how the hell we got here that press on us at every news cycle.

Make no mistake, the rest of the world exists at all levels of “crazy,” it’s just that we here in the States have been able to maintain the balance tipping more toward the rule of law than toward Teapot Dome or Watergate. The corruption of good intentions, the subverting of the public good, happens everywhere you find the human race. How we manage it, how much we honor its opposite, that seems to me to be the defining factor between America and, say, Sudan, North Korea, and Russia. And like those example countries, once down the rabbit hole of self-indulgence and greed, comebacks are down a long, dark road.

So that is why, as I look down from the ledge of despair, I and so many others weep with gratitude over the hope given us by the students from Stoneman Douglas. Seeing the culture of community they embrace, the drive for fair and just laws in the face of billion-dollar PACs, I can put down the bottle of whisky, pack away for later the Xanax-laced tea, and feel good.

Our hope arrives on skateboards, carrying smart phones, and we love them.

Sleep better, my friends. We still have laws, we still have free press [blessings on all the reporters who keep us informed], and we have built into our lives an expectation that our system can reject the corruption that is swilling in the Okeefenokee we used to call the White House.


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