Found this from 18 years ago!! My, how time flies.

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold


Today, Lynne Larkin fights for her clients in a Vero court. But not long ago, she battled a more lethal foe on dark streets behind the Iron Curtain.

There are more than 150 lawyers in Vero Beach, but few have led a life as enthralling as a tall, blonde attorney named Lynne Larkin. Larkin specializes in litigation involving zoning and development issues,  but the case she remembers best is her first one, when she wasn’t a lawyer at all. This was in 1993, when a number of women working for the Central Intelligence Agency charged that the CIA was discriminating against its female employees.

For 10 years Larkin herself had been a CIA officer responsible for recruiting and briefing spies and says she faced a few gender problems of her own.

Read the entire article in the November 1998 issue

This article appears in the November 1998 issue of Vero Beach Magazine

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